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1.- Tapas Tour is a brand owned by RELOCATION GLOBAL ORGANIZATION S.L., by complying with Law 34/ 2002 (11th July),for Services Provided by the Society of Information and e-commerce would like to inform you that:

- Its official name when created in 2000 was Promocenas S.L. and changed to Relocation Global Organization S.L. (hereinafter Rel-go!) in 2007
- Its Tax Identification Code (CIF) is B82806852
- Its commercial inscription can be found in the Commercial Register of Madrid, Book 15833, sheet 186
- Its registered address is Avenida de la Ciudad de Barcelona nº 150, 6º 1, 28007 Madrid
- Relocation Global Organization has a registered trade mark that is Rel-go!

2. Rel-go!informs you that the web page ( or has, as its main objective to provide the general public about the services and business activities provided by said company.

3. Rel-go!by conforming to Law 15/1999 with respect to Personal Data Protection and its natural application, guarantees the security and confidentiality of all information provided by their clients and any other person whose personal details are subject to scrutiny. They can, free of charge, exercise their rights of objection to access to personal details, rectification and cancellation of said details according to this law.


These rights can be exercised through any of the following routes:
- in writing, sending your request as well as accredited documentation of your identity to the following address: Rel-go!
Av. Ciudad de Barcelona nº.150,6º1
28007 Madrid

- by fax, sending your request as well as accredited documentation of your identity to the following number: +34 91 501 4649.

4. The Intellectual Property Rights of the web page and the different elements contained within said page are the property of Rel-go! and corresponds to said company having the exclusive rights to exploit their contents

The visualization, printing and any partial downloading of the web page is only authorized if the following conditions are fulfilled:

-That it be compatible with the aims of the web page
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-That none of the page's contents are modified in any way
-That no graphic, icon or image available on the page be used ,copied or distributed separated from the text or the rest of the images which accompany it.
-That the source is quoted


5. Rel-go! reserves the right to put into practice at any moment and without the need to prenotify, modifications and updates of information on its web page or the reconfiguration and presentation of said page.

6. Rel-go! cannot be held responsible if there are any errors on its web page or in its contents not even when said page has been updated. However, they will apply their best efforts to keep any errors in the page to the lowest level possible and eradicate any errors found.

7. The access to the page as well as the use made of the information contained within said page is of the exclusive responsibility of the person using the page. The user will be responsible for all actions undertaken with their username. Rel-go! will not answer for any damages or prejudice that could be derived from the access and use of information found on the page.

8. Rel-go! does not accept any responsibility derived from the connection or contents of the links made to a third party which the web page makes reference to.

9. Rel-go! cannot be held responsible for any possible security errors which may be produced or the possible damage caused to the user's computer system (hardware or software), files or documents which are stored in said system as a consequence of a virus being present in the computer being used by the user for the connection to the services and contents provided by Rel-go!, from a badly working navigator or the use of non-updated versions of said service.


10. Rel-go! Does not accept any responsibility for any accident which may take place to any of the participants whilst walking or taking any form of transportation during one of our tours or for any type of problem which may arise due to the ingestion of any of the food or drinks whilst taking part in the aforementioned tours. The responsibility of such events falls solely and entirely on the proprietors of the establishments who provided said food or beverage.

11. Rel-go! and the user, by renouncing any other local law, agree to resolve any controversy or disagreement that may be incurred through access to or use of the web page by Arbitration under the rules of the Spanish Arbitration Society (Sociedad Española de Arbitraje). The venue of the Arbitration will be in Madrid (Spain) and the decision will be taken by just one Arbitrator designed by the aforementioned Society.